GORD: Gulf Organisation for Research & Development

Gulf Organisation for Research & Development - not for profit subsidiary of QATARI DIAR Real Estate Investment Company) - is a fully governmental Organisation located at the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP); whose purpose is to promote healthy, energy & resource efficient, and environmentally responsible building practices in Qatar and the entire Gulf region.

By attracting and building a professional network of local and international Organisations, Gulf Organisation for R&D provides support to the construction industry in aiming to accelerate the adoption, development and application of sustainable solutions within the building environment. 

Through its slogan ‘creating green legacy’, Gulf Organisation for R&D strives to be one of the driving forces behind positioning Qatar as the leader in the field of sustainable development, design and construction in the region. 

Gulf Organisation for R&D will engage in research that is related to the development of basic knowledge and processes in urban construction. Among the studies and subjects on which the Research Organisation will focus are the study of building data energy, where it will seek to collect building energy related data to set the baseline for fact-based and benchmarking studies in the region, leading to further advanced studies. 

To maintain its regional position as a leading Research Organisation in the field of sustainable development, Gulf Organisation for R&D will deal with building technologies and material research related to a desert climate and low-energy construction solutions. Besides, it will concentrate on studies related to Energy Planning by relying on energy driven Infrastructure Planning and Research, and developing decision-making tools such as integrated GIS systems for energy use, as well as onsite measurement of the micro climate. 

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, the Research Organisation will provide educational opportunities to introduce professionals to state of the art concepts in green building technologies, integrated design, systems optimization and models in the field. Several seminars and workshops will be offered yearly targeted at engineers, architects and policy makers.


Executive Committee Members

The following lists the current IEA SHC Executive Committee Members from Gulf Organization for Research and Development

Dr. Esam Elsarrag
Director Research
Gulf Organization for Research and Development of Qatar
Tel: +974 44049016
Email: e.elsarrag@gord.qa
Site: www.gord.qa